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Set in 5 acres of beautiful countryside and established since 1984, Azalea Bonsai Nursery specializes in the production, education and selling of Bonsai from seedlings to specimens. Azalea Bonsai Nursery, Bonsai and Flowers offers 34 years of experience in innovative and unique bonsai design. We feature Garden Collection vases and the original “Old Wilmington Garden Arrangement”. Also featured in our shop, located on the Cape Fear River in historic Wilmington, is a large selection of gifts from North and South Carolina. We feature North Carolina photo cards, the finest of North Carolina wines and a unique selection of marble, onyx and crystal. We offer complete wedding and special event decorating.

Owners Michael Lambrix and Howard Brown oversee daily operations and won’t send out an order they wouldn’t be proud to have in their our own home! Azalea Bonsai Nursery offers sophistication and elegance, but always at a fair and affordable price. Let Azalea Bonsai Nursery be your first choice for Bonsai.



These practical sessions offer an opportunity to gain valuable experience working on your own trees or Nursery ‘pre-bonsai’ under expert supervision.Group workshops are limited to 6 or 8 students, as specified. Individual workshops are also available by personal arrangement with Geoff.

Bonsai Foundation Course

This one day course is a ‘complete’ introduction to the Art & Science of Bonsai. The course includes slide presentations and a practical session in which students make their own take-home Bonsai.

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Approximately 500 regular customers receive our free bi-annual newsletter giving information on the latest products in stock, special offers, course and demonstration dates, and seasonal bonsai tips. With the introduction of the Nursery website and an email address list it has become possible to extend and speed up our mailing to a much wider audience.

About Bonsai

The term ‘bonsai’ is Japanese for ‘tree on a tray’. This ancient horticultural art is believed to have originated over two thousand years ago in China and was brought to Japan some time after the 8th century CE by Buddhist monks. Throughout Asia today, bonsai is recognized as a serious art form.

Bonsai should be thought of as ordinary trees living under extraordinary conditions, designed to shape and miniaturise them. Below is a bonsai fact sheet for further information.

Howard Brown

Howard Brown


Michael Lambrix

Michael Lambrix

Co-owner & Administrator

George Geoff

George Geoff

Bonsai Specialist

We pride ourselves in unique and innovative designs. We can custom create arrangements to fit your request for type, size, or price.  We encourage members to ‘check in’ (by post, email, or preferably in person) with each newsletter published so that we can accommodate their interests and requests.

Open seven days a week, and late on Friday and Saturday