Welcome To Azalea Bonsai Nursery

Azalea Bonsai Nursery has 24 years of experience cultivating bonsai, running teaching courses, demonstrating, and selling bonsai. We serve North and the South Carolina.

If you want to buy an indoor or outdoor bonsai tree but don’t know where to start, or if you’re an experienced bonsai enthusiast looking for something special, please contact us on 252-982-2947 and see how we can help. Our bi-annual enthusiast newsletter “Azalea Bonsai News” provide


Azalea Bonsai Nursery’s success is based on its excellent services:

Bonsai Repotting Service

Experienced hands at work. Complete with aftercare service

Holiday Care Service

For that care-free holiday! We will help out all your problems.

Advisory & Doctor Service

RHS Professionally qualified doctor are all time there to help.

Field-Grown ‘self-dig’ Bonsai Specimens:

Our 5 acre site contains thousands of field grown specimens, see below. The digging season is normally October to March, however viewing and reservations may be made year round.

Bonsai Compost “Basic Mix”

Azalea Bonsai professional product mixed for us by RHS soil manufacturers to our exacting formula, achieving 50 tons production annually.


We stock a wide range of bonsai ceramic pots from Japan, China & Korea, as well as plastic training pots. Daily maintenance is an essential part of the art of Bonsai.


A full range of Japanese bonsai tools is supplemented by: Diamond sharpeners, Micro torches & Router bits Other essential accessories include Wire, Fertilizers, Super thrive.

Products and Accessories

A wide range of Outdoor Bonsai

A selection of popular indoor Bonsai for that special gift

Field-Grown ‘self-dig’ Bonsai Specimens

Bonsai Compost “Basic Mix”. 50 tons sold annually!

Bonsai Books & Magazines

Bonsai Tools and sundries


We look forward to welcoming you to Azalea Bonsai Nursery.